Where is God in the middle of tragedy?

This is a question that many are asking in our community. In the past couple of weeks we have seen a student in our community die in a car wreck and a father commit suicide. Many are grieving and many are asking questions.

Last night, at 24/7 Worship, we talked about how to answer this question and how to approach tragedy in our lives. At some point in time, we will all have to deal with tragedy in our lives. My hope is that what is provided below might help you think through tragedy biblically and equip you to answer some of the questions that you may hear.

1. God is in control. There is never a moment in time where God sits back, scratches his head and says, “I didn’t see that coming.” He is the sovereign creator and sustainer of this world and tragedy does not catch him by surprise.

– Psalm 103:19

– Jeremiah 32:17

– Romans 11:33

– Colossians 1:16

– Revelation 21:6

2. God is good. We must never forget that God is good and his grace falls on the just and the unjust. Every person on this planet has benefited from God’s goodness. Even in the middle of tragedy, God is good.

– Exodus 33:19

– Psalm 33:5, 135:3, 145:9

– Matthew 5:45

– Luke 6:35

– Romans 8:28

3. We live in a world shattered by sin. Our world is broken and will remain broken until Jesus returns. Bad things happen because we are sinners and we live in a sin-tainted world. This should deepen our longing for the other world (heaven) we were created for!

– Genesis 3

– Romans 1:18-31, 8:22

4. Life is short. The mortality rate is 100%. We will die. This should not discourage us but challenge us to “number our days” so that we will be of maximum impact for God’s kingdom while we still have breath.

– Psalm 39:4-6, 89:4-7, 90:12

– James 4:14

5. The mission is urgent. People who die without Christ will spend eternity in hell. We cannot waste time and opportunities to make disciples. This is the one mission Christ gave to his disciples and we must see this mission as URGENT! If the people around us don’t hear the glorious message of the gospel from us…who will tell them?

– Matthew 28:19-20

– Isaiah 1:18

– Romans 10:13-17

– 2 Peter 3:9

**Pray for the families that are grieving and pray that much would be made of Jesus through these tragedies!

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