Healthy Living (Week 1)

Over the next few months I have a goal of dropping 40lbs (195lbs goal weight) and then maintaining a healthy lifestyle from this point forward. I need to do this. I need to do it for myself, my family, and ultimately to be a good steward for my Lord. I had this same goal last year and it never materialized. No regrets. I just need to move forward!

I struggled to get going this past week. I did not eat well and only hit two of my workouts. As a result, I did not lose any weight this week. It’s certainly not what I wanted but I know what needs to change.

Starting Weight: 235

Week 1 Weight: 235 

Total Weight Loss: 0

Week 2 Workout Plan


– 60 minutes racquetball

– 30 minutes weights


– 30 minutes elliptical

– 30 minutes treadmill


– 45 minutes Beast of Workout


– long run (60 minutes)

– 10 wind sprints


– Rest Day


– 30 minutes elliptical

– 30 minutes treadmill