Friday Morning Reading List (1-11-13)

Each Friday I am planning to offer up a list of links to various articles that I have read during the week that were interesting and helpful. I enjoy reading various blogs each week and there is some really good stuff out there – I hope you enjoy!

1. A huge event in the Christian blogosphere this week was the news that Louie Giglio backed out of delivering the closing prayer at President Obama’s inauguration due to his stance on homosexuality. Albert Mohler and Russell Moore both weighed in on the issue in two helpful articles.

2. Randy Alcorn has a helpful article on our national debt from a biblical perspective. There is a ton of wisdom here!

3. Perry Noble’s post on 10 Signs of a Healthy Team would be a great read for every church staff or elder board. I was challenged!

4. Timmy Brister offered a post on Gospel-Centered Application of the Word that would be a great read for every pastor and student of God’s Word. We must never forget that we are to be hearers and doers of the word.

5. Paul Tripp’s post on New Year’s Resolutions was helpful. I think we often forget that life is usually mundane and our hope should be in daily transforming grace.

6. Michael Hyatt’s podcast is something I listen to each week when I exercise. His podcast this week was entitled “How to Develop More Discipline.” I encourage you to give it a listen.

7. Last but not least is a video of Capt. Mitsuo Fuchida (the mastermind behind the Pearl Harbor attack) sharing how he came to faith in Jesus Christ. May we never forget the power of the gospel to change lives!