Spiritual New Years Resolutions

I’m not sure if you made any resolutions this year but I made some personally and even challenged our church family to make some spiritual resolutions. We all have priorities in our life where we invest most of our time, efforts, and resources. I shared with our church that my concern, both personally and for our church, is that we often find ourselves heavily invested in things that matter very little in God’s kingdom.

I preached a series call “Resolved” which addressed these spiritual resolutions and issued a challenged our church family. I specifically focused on four areas that should be a priority in every believer’s life: (1) God’s Word, (2) God’s Mission, (3) God’s People, and (4) God’s Glory. Below you will find links to the audio messages. Feel free to listen to the messages and allow the Lord to challenge you as he did me!

Resolved: God’s Word will be a priority

Resolved: God’s Mission will be a priority

Resolved: God’s People will be a priority

Resolved: God’s Glory will be a priority