Longing For The Day

Over the past couple of days I have been reading John Flavel’s book The Mystery of Providence during part of my morning devotion. It does my soul well to read books written by men in church history who are now with the Lord.

My reading this morning centered on God’s providence in things such as our birth and upbringing. I am forever grateful to God that he allowed me to grow up in a Christian home.

As I read this morning, my mind wondered back to the spring of 2010. I was in Lithonia, GA taking a D.Min. class when I received a phone call from my wife. We had been trying for our second child and Janie started experiencing some complications. I will spare you all details but, to sum it up, we found out at the end of that week that she had a miscarriage.

We experienced a range of emotions during that week and the weeks following. We were blessed with our second daughter, Leah, in October of that year and I must confess that I have not thought that deeply about the child that we lost.

Flavel’s words struck me hard this morning:

“And if we consider the nature of that obscure life we lived in the womb, how small an accident, had it been permitted by Providence, could have extinguished our life, like a bird in the shell? We cannot therefore but admire the tender care of Providence over us, and say with the Psalmist: ‘Though has covered me in my mother’s womb’ (139.13): and not only so, ‘But thou art he that took me out of the womb’ (22.9). He preserved you there to the fullness of time and, when that time was come, brought you safely through manifold hazards into that place in the world which He from eternity prepared for you.”

As I considered God’s providence, I was reminded once again of the child we lost. This was no accident. Had God desired, He could have spared his or her life. He could have removed the complications Janie experienced and allowed our child to go full term.

Some may want to ask the question, “Why?” “Why would God allow this to happen?” The truth is I never thought about asking this question. I never doubted God’s plan or His purposes.

This morning John Flavel reminded me not only of the preciousness of life but also of death. In God’s providence He “extinguished” our child’s life in the womb but we must never forget that in that same moment Heaven grew. Our child lives and I long for the day I will get to meet him or her!