Are You A Hypocrite?

I have been working my way through the book of Romans slowly and came across something that I thought I would share with my readers (all 3 of you!). As I read through Romans 2 this morning along with a helpful commentary on this chapter, I came across this quote that I believe will be helpful for us as believers seeking to be salt and light in this dark world.

“Throughout the Gentile world the Jews’ hypocritical conduct had led others to blaspheme the name of God. Intended to represent God to the nations, they had caused others to hold him in contempt. By their conduct they had disgraced the God they professed to worship. In recent years a number of religious leaders have been publicly exposed for sexual sins. The impact upon those who trusted them as spiritual guides is great. Thousands have been disillusioned by the conduct of the thoughtless few. To bear the name of God is a sacred trust. To violate that trust has severe repercussions for those leaders themselves and for those whose spiritual growth is harmed by their actions. Jesus’ severe denunciation of those who cause others to sin (Luke 17:1-2) is appropriate at this point.”

We must never forget that, as believers, we bear the name of Christ. Every conversation we have, every gesture we make, every task we accomplish, and every relationship either glorifies the name of Christ or brings reproach on His name. Non-believers watch us. They want to see if what we claim to believe has any impact on the way we live our life. Paul reprimanded many of the Jews during his day because their life did not match what they claimed to believe. May that never be true of us who claim the name of Christ!