Daily Reflections (8-20-13)

– I spent some time with my great grandmother (Nenac) yesterday. After dropping Anna off at school, I made the drive to the big city of Doerun, GA (population 774). Nenac is 93 and has not been doing well. They have called hospice in and not given her much longer to live. I last saw her when we visited my parents for the 4th of July. She struggled to recognize me during the visit in July but this was somewhat expected. I’m not sure much could have prepared me for yesterday though. She is dying. It will not be much longer before she enters heaven’s gates. The good news is she is not in pain right now and the comforting news is that soon she will be in a place where she will never experience pain again. I have spent some time today thinking about her life and preparing the message for her funeral. This will be difficult but she asked me to do it several years ago and I want to honor her wishes. Keep my family in your prayers over the next several days. Even though we have been anticipating this time to come, it is still difficult.

– In other news it has been raining like crazy in Dublin for the past few days… weeks… and months! Want proof? Check out this picture Janie sent me as she was heading into our neighborhood.

IMG_3276We may need a canoe if it keeps raining!