Daily Reflections (8-22-13)

– Tim Challies’ article on the rise and fall of the Christian bookstore and its impact on his life is a great read. I have a similar story. I loved Christian music as a teenager and the Christian bookstore was the only place where it could be found. I spent numerous hours listening to new music as it came out and numerous dollars purchasing CD’s.

– Pastors need thick skin and thin skin in the ministry. This article is helpful in thinking through these issues. Here is my favorite part:

All of this is to say, in the pastorate you need wisdom to know when to ignore criticism and when to take it to heart. This is one of the reasons why as the pastor, or any person for that matter, you need to be in constant prayer to ask Christ to give you boldness and confidence to ignore inane or baseless complaints on the one hand, and to have humility to accept valid criticism with grace and charity on the other. Pray therefore, that Christ would give you thick and thin skin!

– I plan to spend some time this evening reading David McCullough’s John Adams and Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor. Reading is one of my favorite things to do!!