Daily Reflections (9-26-13)

– I have taken a few of weeks off from blogging. I would say it was intentional and planned but the reality is I just haven’t gotten around to writing. I plan to do better 🙂

– Last week I worked through David Alan Black’s book Christian Archy. It was a great read and I plan to post a review sometime soon!

– I spent some time this morning reading John Piper’s book Desiring God (specifically the chapter on prayer). Here is a quote that struck me:

There is a direct correlation between not knowing Jesus well and not asking much from Him. A failure in our prayer life is generally a failure to know Jesus.

Amen or Ouch?!?!?

– I began reading Brian Croft’s book The Pastor’s Family this afternoon and was blown away by the discussion in the first chapter concerning specific sins pastors commit that are linked to the demands of ministry. If you are in ministry consider these:

1. Being enslaved to the demands of approval and appearance could reveal a sinful struggle with the fear of man – fearing what people think rather than obeying what God says.

2. Being controlled by the demands of expectation or significance could demonstrate a struggle with pride, wanting the glory of ourselves instead of humbly giving glory to God.

3. Being driven by the demands of success could sink a pastor into an identity crisis that exposes pastoral ministry as an idol in his heart instead of finding his identity in Christ alone.

4. Being consumed by the demands of friendship could lead to discontentment, emotional detachment from others, and a lack of trust in God’s provision.

Being completely honest, I struggle with 1-3. My how thankful I am for the blood of Jesus that covers my sins!