A Contemporary Baptist Catechism

catechismSeveral years back (2009 I believe), I put together a little book to help parents teach their children the truths of Scripture. I had forgotten about this little book until I came across some files I had on my computer this past week. Wouldn’t you know it – the book is still available for purchase either as a pdf file or in paperback. If you are interested in something like this check it out! Here is what I wrote for the back cover:

Are you prepared? Do you have a plan to teach your children the things of the Lord? Has the thought even crossed your mind?

Parents, God holds you accountable for the special task of raising your children. Included in this task is the responsibility of teaching them the things of the Lord. This contemporary Baptist catechism will aid you as you seek to teach your children the truths of Scripture. It will also help as you begin to cultivate a godly atmosphere in your home.

Why not start today?

It will matter for eternity!