I Am A Church Member (Free Small Group Outlines)

The small groups at our church recently worked through Thom Rainer‘s book I Am A Church Member. It was a great study for our groups and I would encourage you to utilize this resource in your small groups or Sunday School classes. I wrote a review of the book here. Rainer does a true service to the church in providing this resource!

As we prepared to work through the book in our small groups, several leaders asked if there were teaching outlines based on each chapter. While the book offers helpful discussion questions at the end of each chapter, there is not a teaching outline available that covers each chapter. As a service to our small group leaders, I prepared 6 outlines which cover each chapter in the book. These outlines are provided below for your use:

I Am A Church Member (Session 1)

I Am A Church Member (Session 2)

I Am A Church Member (Session 3)

I Am A Church Member (Session 4)

I Am A Church Member (Session 5)

I Am A Church Member (Session 6)