“The Journey” – A Poem Written To My Wife


“The Journey”

Days come and go, yet I long to see your face and simply touch your hand,

God has joined us for this journey; you are my partner as we journey this foreign land.

Storms rage and the tides rise all around us as we walk step by step.

We wonder and we question, “Will the promises God has made us be kept?”

His love is true and his faithfulness endures even when we are blinded by despair,

There is no one else I would want to travel this road with – this I will forever declare!

So we run, walk and at times crawl along the dusty and bumpy path,

One day we will hear from our Lord, “Well done good and faithful ones at last.

Let us enjoy the mountaintops and rejoice in the valleys as we encounter each,

And be ready and willing to receive everything our Savior desires to teach.