Christ our Anchor (Reading Notes)

“He who died for his enemies, will he refuse those, the desire of whose soul is towards him? He who, by his messengers, desires us to be reconciled, will he put us off when we earnestly seek it at his hand? No, doubtless, when he goes before us by kindling holy desires in us, he is ready to met us in his own ways. When the prodigal set himself to return to his father, his father did not wait for him, but met him in the way. When he prepares the heart to seek, he causes his ear to hear (Psa. 10:17). He cannot find in his heart to hide himself long from us.

If God should bring us into such a dark condition that we should see no light from himself or the creature, then let us remember what he says by the prophet Isaiah, ‘Who is among you…that walketh in darkness, and hath no light?’ – no light of comfort, no light of God’s countenance – ‘let him trust in the name of the Lord and stay upon his God’ (Isa. 50:10). We can never be in such a condition that there will be just cause for utter despair. Therefore let us do as mariners do, cast anchor in the dark. Christ knows how to pity us in this case. Look what comfort he felt from his Father when he was broken (Isa. 53:5). This is what we shall feel from himself in our bruising.” (Richard Sibbes in The Bruised Reed)