Get The Junk Out Of Your Life!


I am beyond ready for this cold wintery weather to move out and spring to arrive! I’m ready to see the flowers bloom and spend time outside enjoying God’s beautiful creation as it comes alive again. Spring is my favorite time of year.

But, there is one thing about spring that I hate… spring-cleaning! That sigh you just let out tells me you hate it as much as I do. Isn’t it amazing how much junk can accumulate in our closets and garages from one year to the next. I will be perfectly honest, I think my junk has babies right around Christmas every year!

Our closets and garages are not the only things that accumulate junk. Often our lives become overloaded as well. We may be doing good things but there is no way possible to continue doing all that we are doing without burning out. Spring offers us a great opportunity to take inventory in our own lives and do some cleaning.

As we head into spring I want to encourage you to do these three things:

  1. Ask God to show you what needs to be “cleaned out” in your life. What priorities have gotten out of line over the last year? What can you let go of that will help you and your family grow closer to the Lord?
  1. Ask God to give you the strength to say “no.” It is not enough to clean things out if you put other things back in their place. Are you willing to say no to good things so that you can say yes to God’s best?
  1. Ask God to help you be content. I often find it hard to be content unless I am busy. I think is one of the greatest struggles in the American church today. Will you be still long enough to hear from the Lord? Will you be content just sitting in his presence?

I don’t know about you but I know that I need to do some spring-cleaning, both at my home and in my heart. Will you join me?