The Faithfulness of God in Sanctification (Reading Notes)

“We do participate in our own sanctification. But the Scriptures make it clear that our good works are the results of God’s good work. If we ground our hopes for sanctification in our own obedience, we will rush headlong into despair because we are constantly falling back into sin, unable to obey perfectly, and we are constantly discovering new areas of our heart that need cleaning. We break covenant daily. But the covenant holds because God is faithful. Let us fear him and obey him, and let us do so grounded in the wonderful truth that he will persevere his saints. This make gospel centrality so important. The longer we take our eyes off the gospel, the more we will think our sanctification is powered by our own good efforts, and that is just a short skip and jump to self-righteousness. The gospel is the beating heart of sanctified obedience.” (Jared Wilson in Gospel Wakefulness)