Interview About Parent-Driven Discipleship

Last night I had the chance to talk with Henry Neufeld, my publisher, about my book Parent-Driven Discipleship. If you have a spare hour in your day (or you are just really bored) take some time to watch the interview. Would love to hear your thoughts!


Parent-Driven Discipleship

I recently published a book entitled Parent-Driven Discipleship through Energion Publications. I’m excited to share this video with you as it explains why I wrote the book, who should read it and what I hope it will accomplish. You can order the book on Amazon here or through Energion here.

Seeing Like Jesus (Reading Notes)

When worldly men see a crowd, each sees something different. The educator sees potential students. The politician, potential voters. The merchant, potential customers. Each sees them with the thought of the way he can profit from them. Jesus never exploited any man for His own benefit. “When He saw them he had compassion on them.” And soon that compassion would lead Him to the cross.

Eyes that look are common. Eyes that see are rare. Do we have eyes that see? (J. Oswald Sanders in Spiritual Discipleship)