Monday Musings (5-23-16)

Coffee cup on Black– Yesterday was a great day at North River Church and also a tough one because of the sermon text.

– We covered 1 Peter 4:12-19 in a message entitled “Suffering As A Christian.”

– We often don’t talk much about suffering but we all experience suffering as believers.

– The issue is not if we will experience suffering but how we will respond when we do experience suffering.

– I’m thankful for a church that is hungry for God’s Word and willing to receive it even when it may be difficult.

– Speaking of our church…the local paper ran an article about North River this past Saturday. Exciting days are ahead!

– I came across this quote in Soul Keeping by John Ortberg…In this book he quotes Dallas Willard who said: “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.”

– That is so convicting!

– The enemy of true communion with God is hurry. It is why God tells us to “be still” and know he is God (Psalm 46:10).

– One of the neat things I have gotten into recently is writing with a fountain pen (I know a throwback to the early/mid 1900’s).

– To my knowledge I have never used a fountain pen but Janie gave me one for Christmas this past year.

– I have started using it and I’m hooked. It is such a fun experience!

– I’m writing this Monday Musings with a silver Pilot Metropolitan. This is a great entry level pen and I promise you will be bit by the fountain pen bug if you use one.

– Little did I know, there are a number of forums on the world wide web for fountain pen enthusiasts. Chief among them What a neat site!

– I confess I may have spent a few hours reading through some of these forums and I may have spent a few hours Saturday scanning thrift and antique shops looking for some antique fountain pens.

– I did score a vintage Sheaffer fountain pen (late 1950’s – early 1960’s) that needs a bit of work. I think this will be a fun hobby.

– If you happen to have some fountain pens around be sure to ink them up to use or pass them along to me! By the way if you have a Mont Blanc (the holy grail of fountain pens) that is sitting in the drawer you should be ashamed! 🙂