Monday Musings (5-31-16)

Coffee cup on Black

– I missed posting yesterday since it was a holiday but figured I would catch up today with Monday Musings.

– We had a fun Memorial Day weekend and even had the chance to go to the beach after church on Sunday.

– We love living here in Southwest Florida, especially since we are only about 30 minutes from the beach.

– You should definitely make your way down here for a visit if you are looking for a place to vacation. Two of the top 10 beaches in the US are 30 minutes from our house.

– I have a fellow pastor buddy who lives down here that uses this hashtag #ilivewhereyouvacation.

– I’m still working through the book of Romans during my morning time with the Lord.

– It is so rich and I’m itching to preach through it one day soon.

– Speaking of preaching, I will begin a series this Sunday through Genesis 37-50.

– We will look at Joseph’s story and how God used him in spite of terrible circumstances.

– I think we struggle to see at times how God can use our struggles to shape us and that he can use us in spite of our struggles.

– I’m praying for this series to be one that encourages and challenges our church.

– This past week I finally jumped on board the Instagram bandwagon.

– You can follow me @mkennedyjr.

– Last Friday I started building a coffee table out of wood from my great grandmother’s house (the house was built right after the Civil War). There are pictures on my Instagram account.

– I love woodworking. Since I spend most of my time working with my mind it is good to work with my hands.

– I also dropped off some of that same wood to a pen turner here locally so that he can turn a fountain pen for me. I got the kit from Penn State Industries.

– I’m really excited about getting this pen back!