Monday Musings (6-6-16)

Coffee cup on Black

– We had an incredible day yesterday as we celebrated the next generation.

– We dedicated 7 of our kids to the Lord yesterday!

– I love to see parents who are passionate to raise their kids to know and love Jesus.

– Parents have more influence in their kids’ lives than anyone else.

– I’m so passionate about this that I wrote a book about it: Parent-Driven Discipleship.

– We also recognized one high school senior yesterday who graduated.

– He is an incredible guy and I can’t wait to see how God will use him in the future.

– God has definitely blessed North River Church with a tremendous amount of kids and teens.

– This is a great blessing and a great responsibility.

– In media news…Clint Harp (the woodworker on Fixer Upper) has a pilot episode coming out called Against The Grain (June 14th at 10:30pm on DIY).

– An entire show about woodworking…I’m pumped about this!

– Speaking of woodworking…I’m almost done with the coffee table I started building a week or so ago.

– I need to figure out what the next project will be!

– Yesterday, I decided to begin the B90x Bible reading program after someone I follow on Instagram mentioned they had done it several times.

– It’s simply (in terms of a plan…not necessarily completing it) because you read through the Bible in 90 days.

– I have completed 2 of 90 days so far.

– Feel free to ask me how it is going and send some encouragement!

– Maybe I should do P90x at the same time…