Hey Pastor, Sing!

May I make one confession? I would rather listen to a podcast than a worship song.


Now that I got that off my chest, I want to remind pastors (myself included) that people watch us worship on Sundays. I don’t mean they solely focus on us, but they do take note of whether or not we are signing. They notice when we are distracted or when we are aloof.

I attended a conference last year and was pleasantly surprised with the pastors there who were delivering the conference messages. Instead of camping out in a green room prior to their turn to preach, they all stayed in the service and participated. They sang. They raised their hands. They prayed. They cried out to the Lord in worship and praise. As a conference attendee, I was encouraged and challenged. Their sermons had more credibility because I had just watched them worship.

Let’s be honest, there are a ton of distractions for pastors on Sundays. Often times, we find ourselves anxious about the upcoming message we will deliver and the temptation may be to steal a few moments of extra prep during the singing. There may be fires that need to be put out and we may try to take care of those prior to delivering the message. We notice if the sound isn’t quite right. We cringe when the words are not being scrolled well on the screen. We fret about why the temperature is too cold or too hot. We wonder why a certain family is not at church for the third week in a row. I could go on and on!

Here is the bottom line: our people need to see us worship and we desperately need to worship before we preach. May we be able to say to our people, “Worship with me as I worship Christ!”