Reading List

Each year I work through a Bible reading plan that will carry me through the entire Bible. In 2018, I will use the reading plan provided in my ESV Journaling Bible. Besides my reading of Scripture, I like to read books in 5-6 different categories – Soul Care, Pastoral Ministry, Theology, Pleasure, Biography and Business/Personal Growth. I read most of these in actual book format (I love to underline and feel the pages!), some electronically on my kindle app, and listen to some as audiobooks. My goal is to complete 40 books in 2018. Below you will find what I am currently reading as well as the books that I have completed in 2018. Books I have completed in previous years are also listed.


Soul Care: How Does Sanctification Work? (David Powlison)

Pastoral Ministry: The Contemplative Pastor (Eugene Peterson)

Theology: The Compelling Community (Mark Dever & Jamie Dunlop)

Pleasure: Good Call (Jase Robertson)

Biography: Spurgeon: A Biography (Arnold Dallimore)

Business/Personal Growth:

COMPLETED BOOKS IN 2018 (Most Recent First)

COMPLETED BOOKS IN 2017 (Most Recent First)

  1. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (Meg Meeker)
  2. Working the Angles (Eugene Peterson)
  3. Ballplayer (Chipper Jones)
  4. Finish (Jon Acuff)
  5. Chasing Contentment (Erik Raymond)
  6. The Rooster Bar (John Grisham)
  7. *Insanely Simple (Ken Segall)
  8. The Pastor’s Justification (Jared Wilson)
  9. Damascus Countdown (Joel Rosenberg)
  10. *Killing Patton (Bill O’Reilly)
  11. The Imperfect Pastor (Zack Eswine)
  12. Camino Island (John Grisham)
  13. The Tehran Initiative (Joel Rosenberg)
  14. Vines: My Life & Ministry (Jerry Vines)
  15. 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You (Tony Reinke)
  16. The Trellis & The Vine (Colin Marshall & Tony Payne)
  17. The Twelfth Imam (Joel Rosenberg)
  18. D.L. Moody: A Life (Kevin Belmonte)
  19. *Seal Of God (Chad Williams)
  20. *Tolstoy & The Purple Chair (Nina Sankovitch)
  21. *Orthodoxy (G.K. Chesterton)
  22. The Christian Life (John Calvin)
  23. *Shoe Dog (Phil Knight)
  24. Lasting Impact (Carey Nieuwhof)
  25. On Pastoring (H.B. Charles Jr.)
  26. Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing (Robert Kiyosaki)
  27. On The Incarnation (St. Athanasius)
  28. Be The Dad She Needs You To Be (Kevin Leeman)
  29. The Catalyst Leader (Brad Lomenick)
  30. A Life Intercepted (Charles Martin)
  31. The Third Option (Vince Flynn)
  32. Long Way Gone (Charles Martin)
  33. A Change of Heart (Thomas Oden)
  34. Water to Wine (Brian Zahnd)
  35. Transfer of Power (Vince Flynn)
  36. God is the Gospel (John Piper)
  37. Survive or Thrive: 6 Relationships Every Pastor Needs (Jimmy Dodd)

*Denotes Audiobooks that I have listened to. 


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