I love serving the local church and have put together some resources that may be beneficial to you, your family, or your church. Feel free to print/purchase any of these resources!

PDDParent-Driven Discipleship

I wrote Parent-Driven Discipleship to challenge and equip parents and churches to disciple the next generation. Here is a taste: “Statistics reveal that Christian parents are rarely involved in the spiritual lives of their children. Scripture, however, paints a very different picture of what this relationship should look like. As parents, we have the responsibility to ‘drive’ the discipleship process in the home. We must keep our hands on the wheel and take responsibility to guide our children as they journey through life. This includes purposefully sharing the gospel with them, teaching them the ways of the Lord, and modeling for them a Great Commission focused lifestyle. The purpose of the book is to examine the biblical responsibility parents have to be involved in their children’s spiritual lives and help equip them to take an active role.”

The Cross and The Manger (cover)-page-001The Cross and The Manger

This is a 25 Day Christmas Devotional for families to use during the Christmas season to help them focus on Christ. Here is a taste: “The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the smell of Christmas trees and the sound of Christmas music. I love, even more, the time we get to spend with family and friends. But, we celebrate Christmas primarily because of a person…and his name is Jesus. He is the reason for the season! My fear is that often we lose sight of the true reason for our celebration in the midst of a culture that celebrates everything but our Savior. Even worse, this lack of focus on Jesus has crept into the church. This should not be the case. I have put this devotional together for you to use as a tool to help focus your family’s attention on Jesus, the baby born in Bethlehem and the Savior of our souls.”

I Am A Church Member (6 Small Group Outlines)

Our small groups went through Thom Rainer’s book I Am A Church Member. I put together 6 small group teaching outlines that cover each of Rainer’s chapters.

I Am A Church Member (Session 1)

I Am A Church Member (Session 2)

I Am A Church Member (Session 3)

I Am A Church Member (Session 4)

I Am A Church Member (Session 5)

I Am A Church Member (Session 6)

catechismA Contemporary Baptist Catechism

I developed a catechism for parents to use to help teach their children the truths of Scripture. I utilized several Baptist catechisms and updated the language for a more contemporary audience.

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